waycon, waycon technology, waycon transducers
waycon, waycon technology, waycon transducers
WayCon - your specialist for displacement transducers
WayCon  - your specialist for displacement transducers

Hydraulic Transducer SX300

Draw Wire Position Transducer SX300-Series are designed for use in conjunction with hydraulic cylinders and measuring the cylinder position. Especially designed for long stroke cylinders with pressurized housings to be flanged directly to the cylinder head. With giving feed back signal to a machine control unit, it is possible to control the position of the cylinder, program specific movements or managing synchronous movement of several cylinders.

Due to its small overall size, its short assembly time and its possible customisation, this sensor technology is a cost-effective and flexible solution for a wide range of industrial applications. A constant spring force coils the measuring rope accurately single-layered on an wire rope capstan, so that its linear motion is converted into rotation. The sensor element (rotary encoder) provides the output signal required.

The dynamics of the draw wire transducer allows a high motion speed and max. acceleration of the cylinder piston. Its high quality makes applications in harsh industrial environments possible.


  • hydraulic gates for dam control
  • synchronous run of more than one cylinder
  • sluice gate control - cylinder acceleration & speed control
  • stroke control of fairground ride applications

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