waycon, waycon technology, waycon transducers
waycon, waycon technology, waycon transducers
WayCon - your specialist for displacement transducers
WayCon  - your specialist for displacement transducers

HX with speed output

draw wire hx, sensor hx, hx Draw Wire Sensor HX

The HX sensor with series position transducer provides basic absolute positioning with a analog output. With a steady state input voltage, and with the potentiometer connected as a voltage divider, the ratiometric output voltage is directly proportional to wire rope extension. The unit will function with any input voltage up to 25 volts minimum. To obtain best output linearity, the input voltage should be well regulated.


Key features:

  • Ranges from 100...50.000 mm
  • Linearity ±0,1% of full scale
  • TTL, HTL, selfgenerating tachometer
  • Wire Rope Stainless Steel or Nylon Jacketed
  • Temperatur -25°C...+95°C
  • IP65 Optional Ingress Protection NEMA 6 (IP68)

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