waycon, waycon technology, waycon transducers
waycon, waycon technology, waycon transducers
WayCon - your specialist for displacement transducers
WayCon  - your specialist for displacement transducers

Display Controls

display, display pax, display sensor pax Display Sensor Pax

If you require a visualization of the measured values provided by a sensor, WayCon offers you the perfect solution for all common sensor signals with our display series PAX and WAY.

Due to the modular design of our displays they can easily be equipped with a variety of output cards so that further processing of the data by controller or PC can be done. Functions, such as resetting to zero, setting limits, linearisation, scaling and many more add to the universal applicability of the displays.

Key features:

  • Digital led display (Alternating 8 digits for counting)
  • Dual count quad inputs
  • Rate indication
  • Up to 3 count displays or a serial slave
  • Programmable scale factors
  • Programmable function keys / user inputs
  • Four set point alarm outputs (W/Plug-in card)
  • Communications & bus capabilities (W/Plug-in card)
  • Analog output signal (W/Plug-in card)
  • PC software available for meter configuration
  • Nema 4X/IP65 sealed front bezel

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