waycon, waycon technology, waycon transducers
waycon, waycon technology, waycon transducers
WayCon - your specialist for displacement transducers
WayCon  - your specialist for displacement transducers

WayCon - your specialist for professional displacement transducers


WayCon is a manufacturer of accurat measurement systems and professional sensors for industry and research. We are your contact for all applications in areas of position and distance measurement techniques, level measurements and angel measurements.

Draw wire sensors are low-cost, compact sensors which accurately measure the position or change in position of objects. Core components of a draw wire sensor are a precision measuring wire and a sensor element (e.g. potentiometer or encoder), which convert the path change into a proportional electrical signal. The maintenance-free draw wires are particularly quick and easy to assemble and are used because of their reliability in all areas of industry.


Configure your sensor individually?... then we recommend you contact us for special advise, before you start your application. In particular we can advise on which technology to use for cost effectiveness and desired accuracy.



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